Gratitude Practices for the Thankful Therapist

Written by Kelsey Someliana-Lauer, Therapy Practice Solutions Virtual Assistant


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many clients, therapists, and business owners alike are taking time to reflect on what we feel thankful for. Just some things you may be thankful for include your family and friends, career, education, or financial stability. Other things you may be thankful for include personal traits, such as your ability to be flexible and adapt to change, your patience, your kindness, and more. You may be grateful for your abilities as well, such as the way you run your business, for leading your team, or for the way you show up for clients every day.

If you are feeling a little low on thankfulness (we’ve all been there, especially when things are going poorly for us!), here is a list of 90 things to be grateful for today. If this list isn’t personal enough for you, try these 10 journal prompts from the pros at Therapy Practice Solutions to get into the Thanksgiving spirit today!

  1. Can you think of a time you stopped and looked around to say, “man, I’m really lucky/grateful/thankful/blessed”? If you can, write about that memory. If not, what are some experiences that would make you feel that way, and how can you achieve them?

  1. Who is your best friend, confidant, and biggest fan? Write a letter to them, thanking them for what they do for you. You can choose to send it or not. 

  1. Now, who in your life are YOU the biggest fan of? What makes you admire them? How have they made your life better?

  1. Are your basic needs being met? If they are, are more than your basic needs being met (ie, have you gone on a vacation recently? Do you have a savings account? Are you contributing towards retirement?)? Take a moment to reflect on how your hard work and life circumstances contribute towards your success.

  1. When you feel “thankful” or “gratitude”, how does it feel in your body? Describe it.

  1. How do you show your thankfulness to others? Do you donate, or spend time with family and friends, or deliver words of affirmation?

  1. Now that you’ve identified how you give thanks, when was the last time you did so? How did it make the receiving party feel?

  1. Similarly, when was the last time you received gratitude from someone else? How did it make you feel?

  1. How often do you feel joy? What makes you feel joy often? How can you incorporate more joy-producing experiences in your daily routine?

  1. Finally, what does Thanksgiving (either the holiday or the action of giving thanks) mean to you? What does gratitude and gratefulness mean? Are they values in your life? Why or why not?

Hopefully these ten journal prompts help inspire you during the Thanksgiving season! If you’d be grateful for some help in your mental health private practice, we’d be thankful to help. At Therapy Practice Solutions, we have Virtual Assistants who can do social media, website design, newsletter writing, insurance billing and verification, phone call and email returns, scheduling, and more! There’s plenty to be grateful for when you hire a Virtual Assistant to free up some time in your schedule. Reach out today; we look forward to hearing from you!


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